These Dreams - chords, tab and comments

Good artists should be forced to stay on the ground. On September 20th 1973 a Beechcraft plane crashed into a pecan tree in Louisiana at takeoff, ending the promising career of both Jim Croce and lead guitarist Maury Muehleisen. Also the agent, the road manager, a comedian and the pilot perished. The team had just got a breakthrough with "Bad Leroy Brown", and the future seemed bright.
Despite of this, Croce thought about leaving music business to get more time with the family. A letter his wife Ingrid received after his death closes with "Remember, it’s the first 60 years that count and I’ve got 30 to go. I love you".
This song is from "Life and Times" (1973), his forth studio album, and essential to his many fans. A fifth album "I Got a Name" was released posthumously; finished just before the plane crash. Sure, he got a name - only thirty years old.
I'd like to stress the importance of Maury Muehleisen, thus there's a link to his tribute site at the bottom of the page, as well as Jim's. His splendid harmonies and special fingerpicking were a perfect match to Croce's songs. He's been a major inspiration to my own treating of the guitar, together with Happy Traum and Stefan Grossman. Bless their memories.
Am            Dm
once we were lovers
     G        G7          Am
but somehow things have changed
Dm              C      Am
now we're just lonely people
  D7sus2     Esus4             E
tryin' to forget each others' names
Dm              C      Am
now we're just lonely people
  D7sus2     Esus4             E    ...E7
tryin' to forget each others' names

A          Bm        ...E7
what came between us?
A              Amaj7             F#m
maybe we were just too young to know
D            F#m    Bm       E   ...E7
but now and then I feel the same
and sometimes at night
   Amaj7           F#m         C#m
I think I hear you callin' my name
Dmaj7   D6          B#m   ...E7
hmm mmm mmm  these dreams
             Esus4        A
they keep me goin' these days
A minor
D minor
G major
G seventh
C major
D seventh suspended second
 E suspended fourth
E major
E seventh
A major
A major seventh
D major
B minor
F sharp minor
C sharp minor
D major seventh
D sixth added nine
Maury Muehleisen
Jim Croce