This Wheel's on Fire - chords, tab and comments

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In the basement of a pink house in West Saugerties, New York, rented by Rick Danko, Garth Hudson and Richard Manuel since February 1967, a lot of good songs came to life. One day Dylan brought with him a brand new lyric, and Danko - at that time experimenting with electric piano - found a match with a tune that dumped down on him the night before. The original, rough recording is heard in the "Basement Tapes", a famous bootleg, many years later released as "official".
In 1968, The Band included it with the album "Music from Big Pink". Same year, Julie Driscoll & the Brian Auger Trinity caught it. Of course The Byrds, too. And later Siouxsie & the Banshees covered it without knowing who were behind it, they'd only heard the Driscoll version.
Best version? My own, of course, with a couple of beer-stuffed friends as a choir. Thanks heaven it's never been recorded. I once performed it in a club hometown. The line-up was stoned, I was half drunk and the mixmaster thought he was playing a game of snakes. If there were cockroaches in that building, they sure perished. But "His Bobness" gave it to public somewhere i -98 ... jeez; sometimes that crow can sing, too.
if your memory serves you well
we were going to meet again and wait
so I'm going to unpack all my things
    Dm                      Am
and sit before it gets too late
   C              Am
no man alive will come to you
       C              Am
with another tale to tell
          C                Am
and you know that we shall meet again
        Dm                 Am
if your memory serves you well
Dm               F
this wheel's on fire
C                 G
rolling down the road
     C   G     F       C
best notify my next of kin
F            G       A
this wheel shall explode
A minor
B diminuished
E seventh
D minor
F major
C major
G major
Rick Danko
Bob Dylan