Tir n'a Noir - chords, tab and comments

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With original lyrics by norwegian poet Kolbein Falkeid and composition by member of Norwegian group "Vamp" √ėyvind Staveland, translated to english by David Mindel, japanese artist Emi Fujita made a great version after Vamp touring Japan in 2001 and collaborating on Fujita's debut solo album "Camomile". Original Norwegian version released 1993.
Tir n'a Noir is the modern Norwegian equivalent of Tir na Nog : the Irish equivalent of the Greek Elysium i.e. Paradise. Falkeid is probably mentioning an old Norwegian sailor dreaming about his lost Irish love or late Irish wife. The tune itself is remarkably celtic.
A           Amaj7          Dmaj7        E7/9
it is cold November and the sea crashes in
        A        F#m                Bm7         E7
but I still do remember though the memory grows dim
      A       Amaj7           Dmaj7   E7/9
to a magical summer with sweet Mary McKear
        A         E7       A
in the west : in Tir n'a Noir
A                    F#m           Bm7           E7/9     E7
were you there as a dream though it all seems so real
          A          F#m         Bm7         E7/9      E7
with the laughter I hear and the touch I can feel?
     A          Amaj             Dmaj7     E7/9
far beyond the horizon where the fog disappears
          A        E7     A
you were mine my Mary McKear
A major
A major seventh
D major seventh
E seventh add ninth
E seventh
F sharp minor
B minor seventh