Troublesome Waters - chords, tab and comments

I have never intended to be religious, and I quite often dislike songs because of their religious content. But, being agnostic, I've often felt some power stronger than myself. In hard situations, I have prayed to that power ... which I cannot discribe or give a name. Sometimes it helped; sometimes not. Anyway, I'm still alive, and able to bring further to you a manifestant of a small human being in trouble. Written by members and affiliates of the famous Carter Family. Not too much remarked; as a matter of fact, I've only heard one single recording: Johnny Cash rounded up his album "I Walk the Line" with this beautiful song. And they performed it live in "Njårdhallen" in 1967 - with mother Maybelle still alive, playing her autoharp ... in her wheelchair. That woman, her family ... are history. So is Johnny Cash. But they will never be forgotten, as long as the grass shall grow. They left a treasure of plain folk songs, that will take its space in any human world ... where humans and human feelings are still notified. And we want it to be that way, don't we?
A                        D            A
troublesome waters much blacker than night
                 F#m                       E
are hiding from view the harbour's bright light
E7             A           D              A
tossed on the turmoil of life's troubled sea
                F#m           E       A    A7
I cried to my Saviour "Have mercy on me"

D9sus4           D                         A
then gently I'm feeling the touch of his hand
            F#m                E
guiding my boat in safely to land
E7           A       D              A
leading the way to heaven's bright shore
                    F#m         E         A
where troublesome waters I'm fearing no more
A major
A seventh
E major
E seventh
D major
D nineth suspended four
F sharp minor
The Carter Family