Twilight Lady - chords, tab and comments

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This song was written in the desert sands of Egypt, in 10th of Ramadan, where I served as a printing supervisor for years. Back in Norway I had a girlfriend. I used to return on vacation twice a year or so, and every time she turned up for social gathering, staying with me most of the time. She'd been a part of my life even long time before I emigrated, and six months without her comfortable presence was a real pain.
When I finally came back for good, she vanished. My songs "Aftermath", "Dawn Dream" and "Mantle for the Core" are also written about that woman, along with a couple never to be finished. The lady was a tramp, a bitch, a beauty and a burn.
G                Bm     C               G
running norton scandisk  lost file allocation map
    C           Bm            Am            Em      D7sus4 ...D7...D6
my life is fragmented and my days they all boot up wrong
G           Bm     C                        G
rebuilding desktop  scrolling bars gotten stuck in a trap
        C           Bm           Am           Em    D7sus4 ...D7...D6
due to bugs in the files of the system where you belong
C             G         ...C
I can see you everywhere
                Bm                   C
I can see your body in the walking green
in silhouets far and near
       C                    Bm         Am           Em        Am...D6...Gsus4
and I guess I'll spend the rest of my days looking for your twin
my twilight lady
G major
C major
B minor
A minor
E minor
D seventh
D seventh suspend four
D sixth
G suspend four