Waiting for a Train - chords, tab and comments

James Charles "Jimmie" Rodgers (1897 – 1933) is carved into marble in folk and country music along with Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie, due to their influence on later artists and songwriters, even nowadays. To me he's just the guy who introduced that ridiculous yodeling style to country music, and I very early got tired of castratoes with Stetson hats and Texas boots.
But I've got a thing about *this* song. It was recorded October 1928 on old Victor. I first heard it from Hank Snow, then Johnny Cash, then a lot of others. Fortunately it can be performed without yodeling.
C       G7     C     C7   F       Fm    C
All around the water tank waiting for a train
  F              C         A7   D7              G7
A thousand miles away from home sleeping in the rain
  C         G7   C        C7      F          Fm      C
I walked up to a brakeman just to give him a line of talk
   F                  C     A7   D7                 G7
He said if you've got money I'll see that you don't walk
       C       G7    C      C7    F           E7
Well I haven't got a nickel not a penny can I show
   F                C        A7         D7          G7     C
He said get off you railroad bum and he slammed the boxcar door
C major
C seventh
G seventh
F major
F minor
A seventh
D seventh
Jimmie Rodgers