Walk on By - chords, tab and comments

15th of February 1995 New York Times announced that Kendall L. Hayes (1935 - 1995) died last Friday at his home, according to his family of liver-cancer, barely 60 years old. He left behind his wife Doris, two sons, James and Michael, and a brother, Harman. He also left behind a country standard: his song "Walk on By" was recorded by 150 artists. In 1961, Leroy Van Dyke's version of this was #1 on Billboard magazine's country singles chart for 19 weeks, and reached #5 on the pop chart. Billboard named the Van Dyke recording the top-charting country record of all time in its 100th-anniversary edition. "Walk on By" was also recorded by Asleep at the Wheel, Donna Fargo and the rockabilly artist Robert Gordon, not to mention legendary Jim Reeves.

Hayes, whose other big hit was "Don't Give up the Ship" recorded by Johnny Wright, also performed in Grand Ole Opry roadshows in the 1960's. A few singles were released late fifties on label Palisade Records (Danville, KY), among them "The Tears Came Falling Down", "Johnny Lonesome", "Thisaway or Thataway" and "Jungle of Love". None of them succeeded, and I've never heard them. In fact, I've never heard him at all, and very little information exists about him.
G                     Am
if I see you tomorrow on some street in town
C            D7             G
pardon me if I don't say hello
G                       Am
I belong to another  it wouldn't look so good
    C                D6      D7      G
to know someone I'm not supposed to know
G              Gsus4  G        D7
just walk on by  wait on the corner
    C                    D7             G
I love you but we're strangers when we meet
G major
G suspend forth
A minor
C major
D sixth
D seventh
Kendall Hayes