Walls - chords, tab and comments

At the bottom you'll find a link to the complete lyrics.

This young lady with a clarion voice had her debut as CD-artist in 2007. It is the latest song I've picked up - signing 10th of June same year, two weeks after I bought that CD. Heard that song over and over again on the radio; I just *had* to pick it up. Can't play the CD all the time; have to play it myself.
Piano chords are often hard to interprete with a single guitar, but here it is, the best I could, tuned for males (Originally it's Bb major):
G                        D      C                G
there've been som many people walking through my door
Em          Bm              A7         D7
they don't seem to want to come back anymore
G         D              C            G
I never asked them to  I let them all go
Em                Bm                B7               Em  ...D7
I guess I'm not the easiest one to talk to when it's cold
        G                     G/F#
but I guess I'm all right  I guess I'm fine
         Am                   A7
I think sunshine'll treat me kind
    G                        Bm       Am                D7
but now I'm feeling kind of locked up in this house of mine

       G               F           C                   G
cause these walls are killing me  killing me when I'm down
Em          Bm            A7         D7
I am not a warrior but I can't stay calm
G                F             C          A7 ...
these walls are breaking me  breaking me down
         G              Bm            Am7           D7sus4
but I'm living it  I'm living it and that's how it's done
Cmaj7   D7             G
oh yes that's how it's done
Susanne Sundfoer