WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE? - chords and comments

First of April - no joke - this year 2022, a very famous song came to me, with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraina, escalating to probably be worldwide. I've never sung this before, because everybody else did and have been doing for several reasons during my lifetime ... the song is exactly as old as me. And the origin is found in the area where the conflict is centered.
In 1934, Mikhail Sholokhov released "And Quiet Flows the Don". One of its four volumes refers to the traditional Cossack folk song "Koloda-Duda" and the phrase "Where are the flowers, the girls have plucked them. Where are the girls, they've all taken husbands. Where are the men, they're all in the army". Pete Seeger read this, and noted it down.
In 1955, he recalled the notes and wrote the first version consisting of three verses, borrowing most of the tune from an old irish lumberjack song. In 1960, Joseph C. Hickerson - a Librarian and Director of the Archive of Folk Song for 35 years (1963–1998), still living and active - added two more verses, making it recurring. Seeger himself recorded it the same year, followed by The Kingston Trio in -61, and then it exploded. I haven't a clue of how many translations and versions been made.
In 2022 we sing it for Ukraina. Here we go:
G                    Em          C          D     ...D7
where have all the flowers gone  long time passing
G                    Em          Am         D7
where have all the flowers gone  long time ago?
G                    Em     G7
where have all the flowers gone
C                   D
gone to young girls every one
C     Am       Em    E7     Am            D7 C  G
when will they ever learn  when will they ever learn

This song suits well medley with another famous "protest song" of the sixties; actually NOT written by Pete Seeger, but made famous by him: We Shall Overcome, only adjust tempo a bit; keeping the key.
G major
G seventh
C major
D major
D seventh
E seventh
E minor
A minor
Pete Seeger