Wonderful Baby - chords, tab and comments

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This lullaby appears on Don's 1974 album "Homeless Brother", and his 1976 live album "Solo". Somebody's let out rumours that it's dedicated to Fred Astaire, and that he has recorded it. This must be a web duck; never trust Wikies. Fred sure sang about wonderful babies (adult ones), and the snappy rhythm and jazzy chords might have suited his dancing feet. But I can't see he ever touched this song, and most probably not McLean at all. Anyway, here it is, with certified basic chords. Not common harmonies; the heck I struggled to find it out ... and I still wonder what Don ate that night he wrote it.
E                D#7
wonderful baby  living on love
     E                       C#7
the sandman says maybe he'll take you above
A7                         C7
up where the girls fly on ribbons and bows
       E                    C              B7
where babies float by just counting their toes

A                     C7
wonderful baby  I'll watch while you grow
   E                       C#7
if I knew the future you'd be first to know
    Amaj7                   C7
but I don't know nothing of what life's about
         E                       C7            B7
just as long as you live you'll never find it out

... E6
oh oohh ...
E majoe
D sharp seventh
C sharp seventh
C major
C seventh
A major
A seventh
A major seventh
B seventh
Don McLean