You Ain't Goin' Nowhere - chords, tab and comments

Though written sometimes in the sixties, Dylan didn't officially cut this himself until US "Greatest Hits Vol.2", 1975. And then with pleasing assistanse from Happy Traum. Three more unreleased famous songs got the same treatment during the same September recording session: "I Shall Be Released", "Tomorrow Is a Long Time" and "Down in the Flood" (Crash on the Levee).
G                 Am
clouds so swift  rain won't lift
C                  G
gate won't close  railings froze
get your mind off wintertime
C                G
you ain't goin' nowhere
whoo-ee ! ride me high
C                       G
tomorrow's the day my bride's gonna come
          Am            C                 G
Oh oh are we gonna fly down in the easy chair
G major
A minor
C major
Bob Dylan