YOU KNOW WHO I AM - chords, tab and comments

From Cohen's second album "Songs from a Room" (1969), and certainly written to Marianne.
Norwegian artist Marianne Christine Ihlen (1935-2016) met Leonard Cohen on the Isle of Hydra, Greece, in 1960. For 13 years they lived frequently close together, in Montreal and on Hydra. She had certain influence on Cohen's first two albums, and her photo covers the back side of this album.
Am              Bm7
I cannot follow you my love
Am                Bm7
you cannot follow me
D                     Am
I am the distance you put between
            Bm      G           Em  ...E
all of the moments that we will be

     D         A
you know who I am
         D            A
you've stared at the sun
     D        A               Bm          Bm7        G  ...Em ... E
well I am the one who loves changing from nothing to one
A major
A minor
B minor
B minor seventh
D major
G major
E major
E minor
Leonard Cohen