I've got great big blisters on my bloodshot eyes from lookin'
at that long-legged female up ahead
what she does ? simply walkin' down the sidewalks of the city
makes me think about some stray cat gettin' fed
she's got a whole lot of motion in her soul
I know that her soul is not the place she lets it show

she's got that body : oh yeah
she's got that motion : oh yeah
she's gonna get me : oh yeah
she's gonna burn me : oh yeah
she's gonna tear my soul apart and put big blisters on my heart
what a mighty crazy cookin' way to go

and I've got great big blisters on my fingertips from reachin'
in my pocket book pickin' out them bills
and I've got tiny white blisters in my throat
from tryin' to ease my nervous tension taking all them patent pills
and ever since we started runnin' round from bar to bar
I just can't eat a bite to keep my stomach settled down

                                                    billy edd wheeler