out on the trans-Canada highway there was a girl hitchhiking with her dog
fireflies buzzing round her head like candles in the fog
he was three miles down the road trying to stay up but he knew that he couldn't
she was looking for a ride through the night • but out there : who wouldn't?

he was tired of writing letters to himself and living in the dark
she was open to suggestions and some say she had a broken heart
he had everything he wanted till it all turned out to be a job
one fallen asleep trucker and a girl hitchhiking with her dog

out on the trans-Canada highway the sun came climbing up the cab
by the time it hit the window they were waking up from what little sleep they had
when that heat hit the blankets they were looking for love at second sight
just staring in each others' eyes • finding it in the morning light

they were bound for glory • bound for living on the edge
they were bound for each other like two blankets layin' on a bed
she had a new way of living • new way of looking at life
he had an '84 International and two kids he left back home with his wife

                                                        neil young