Bound for Glory - chords, tab and comments

After early eightees album flops like "Trans", Neil calmed down his roots fans a bit with "Old Ways" and country songs like this one, together with Waylon Jennings. Also Willie Nelson contributed to this underestimated album.
C                                            Cmaj                     Dm
out on the trans-Canada highway there was a girl hitchhiking with her dog
                            G7          G7/9          C
fireflies buzzing round her head like candles in the fog
C                                 Cmaj                                    Dm
he was three miles down the road trying to stay up but he knew that he couldn't
                                        G7         G7/9              C
she was looking for a ride through the night   but out there : who wouldn't?
C major
C major seventh
D minor
G seventh
G seventh add nine
Neil Young