buddy you hear: I am just calling from close to nowhere
after it all this is an unwanted long distance call
and I'm running out of necessary coins
all through the years they have shunned both my loins
but buddy: I'll see you
where kindred souls always join

buddy my squall: you should have captured my songs and it all
you should have been the one to arrange them and give them a spin
now I am left with a feeling alone
all those ambitious plans are all gone
but buddy call later:
nothing is ever undone

buddy my next: sometimes I had to declaim you the text
sometimes it was hard to understand your destructible cause
but our ideas live as long as I do
even though always devoted to you
so buddy call later:
I'll be with you sometimes you know

buddy you know: this is a call redirected above
this is no show cause we will be here as the grass ever'll grow
you were never a squat though it could have seemed so
you knew always the smart way to go
and buddy call later:
tell me what I'd better know