Buddy Call Later - chords, tab and comments

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This summer, 2008, my best friend died. All through the years we'd kept in contact. We shared interests, music, beer and sometimes also hostility ... knowing we were the same kind. He was my brother. He died holding my hand, conciousless at Drammen Hospital. He'd told them to call me, as he knew his time on this side of the border was passed. I'm calling him back.
C                          Am           D7         G
buddy you hear: I am just calling from close to nowhere
G7        C              Am        D7           G
after it all this is an unwanted long distance call
     G7          C        E7       A7
and I'm running out of necessary coins
                 Dm              Dm7             G7
all through the years they have shunned both my loins
                 C   Fmaj7
but buddy: I'll see you
Dm             G7           Am
where kindred souls always join
C major
A minor
D seventh
D minor seventh
G major
G seventh
E seventh
A seventh
D minor
F major seventhFmaj7
Foreman Hansen