some's got all and some's got nothing some get a crypt • most get a coffin the turmoil we are living in is pretty hard to tell we better leave the road as is but walk it fairly well the cards are dealt for anyone to care sometimes the deal is seemingly unfair you start up with a loss and reach the bottom of the charts you strike the two of clubs and then you beat the queen of hearts grounded on the surface of the day the night is waving friendly close away homeless and forlorn • being overruled and scorn you find yourself at home where all the bitches have been born righteousness delivers you the fare a ticket to the welfare but be ware of the vultures in the hallway and the belly worms inside you'd better leave your bowels clean and seek and run and hide down along the line you've gotta find some kind of kindly mare of your own kind go and and copulate yourself and bring some children to be born leave them unacquainted and the faith will bring them on some will die and some have better luck anyhow they're bound for getting stuck in the clamp of life aside the anvil of the goddamned smith whose plant were not at all the very goddamned blessed grith when life solutions get that narrow it's down to beg and steal or borrow take a look around yourself and join the choir in this song most probably you're back where you belong khawaga