Consolation Song - chords, tab and comments

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whoever we are, whenever we are, where ever we are and whatever: we'll have to face the fact that we *are*. To console you, not to comfort you, I wrote this song to mention you're not alone. We are all stuck in that clamp aside that anvil, and bound for getting the best out of it.
G          C                    G
some's got all and some's got nothing
B7                              E   E7
some get a crypt, most get a coffin
      Am            D7            G             E7
the turmoil we are living in is pretty hard to tell
    A                A7             D              D7
we better leave the road as is but walk it fairly well
      G                  C         G
the cards are dealt for anyone to care
    B7                             E    E7
sometimes the deal is seemingly unfair
     Am              D7                  G             E7
you start up with a loss and reach the bottom of the charts
       A                A7                D                 D7
you strike the two of clubs and then you beat the queen of hearts

G            C                G
when life solutions get that narrow
B7                             C
it's down to beg and steal or borrow
        C6            Am7                  G            E7
take a look around yourself and join the choir in this song
      Cmaj7           D6              G
most probably you're back where you belong
G major
C major
C major seventh
C sixth
D major
D seventh
D sixth
B seventh
A major
A minor
A seventh
E major
E seventh