we're sitting out here on the runway waiting for the plane to leave
and the captain said "there'll be a short delay : bear with me please"

they gave us the usual hazzle : "you can't take those guitars onboard"
but the boys in the band just smiled : heard it all before

and as they're starting to serve champagne
to the folks at the front of the plane
I can hear the engines roaring : we're on our way

and we are flying home • I feel the freedom in my soul
flying home at last
flying home • I've got the freedom in my soul
and it's four in the morning • my world is calling
speeding through the universe at last

the movie reminds me of my lady as she waits : "where are those guys"
yes it's nice to see old Butch and Sundance in the sky

and now the sun is beginning to rise
it's like looking down on paradise
there's a ball of fire that's burning • giving life

                                                   chris de burgh