Flying Home - chords, tab and comments

About 1980, I had *all* Chris de Burgh's albums. A total overkill. The whining of his voice followed me everywhere; slowly and most certainly I started growing insane. Some years later, a burg(h)lary happened to me, and the rascals got away with my huge LP collection, as well as all my comics. An irreplaceable loss, but at least I got rid of all the damned de Burgh vinyl ... you see, I've never been able to trash anything. I haven't listened to him ever since; I turn the radio way down low each time he appears. I hate Chris de Burgh. But I love flying, and that rat with the incredible annoying voice is a clever songwriter. Thus, I include this song. Solely.
G                             Gsus4   G              Em        C
we're sitting out here on the runway waiting for the plane to leave
         G                   Bm7    Em           C            D7
and the captain said there'll be a short delay  bear with me please
      G                Gsus4       G                 Em         C
they gave us the usual hazzle  you can't take those guitars on board
        G           Bm7        Em       C             D7
but the boys in the band just smiled  heard it all before
                C                     Am7
and as they're starting to serve champagne
        G            Gsus4         C
to the folks at the front of the plane
       G       Bm7      Em       C            D7sus4   D7
I can hear the engines roaring  we're on our way

           Em Bm7  C   D7            Em    Bm    C   D7
and we are flying home  I feel the freedom in my soul
Em Bm7 C        Am7   D7
flying home at last
Em Bm7 C   D7               Em    Bm7    C   D7
flying home  I've got the freedom in my soul
          Em7                 Bm7
and it's four in the morning  my world is calling
D                    D7sus4  D7   G
speeding through the universe at last
G major
G suspended four
C major
D major
D seventh
D seventh suspended four
E minor
E minor seventh
A minor seventh
B minor seventh
cris de burgh