it was early in the fall and a-blowing up a squall
from the trestle you could hear the weirdest moans
with a mighty lonesome cry came a whistle from the sky
and it chilled the very marrow in my bones
then a loud rushing roar like you never heard before
turned the blood to icy water in my veins
as I watched with rising fear something strange was drawing near
and I saw in the clouds ghost trains

ghost trains • ghost trains • what a fearful sight
"The Cannonball" and "Number Nine" were racing through the night
just as they passed me by I heard the engineer cry
"give her coal ! give her coal ! shovel it on !"
you could see the fireman grinning in the engine that was winning
but I knew before the finish they'd be gone

you could see the driver's roll as they shoveled on the coal
and the black smoke came pouring from the stacks
as they thundered through the sky • I am here to testify:
you could hear the wheels a-clicking on the tracks
through the smoke and the steam you could see the headlights gleam
now I have no proof but still the fact remains
you may doubt it but I swear : there were cinders in my hair
when I saw in the clouds ghost trains

:/:ghost trains • ghost trains...:/: I watched I saw them fade into the dawn

                                 famous lashua