Ghost Trains - chords, tab and comments

Country songs often deal with a railroad theme, and western songs frequently involve something supernatural. To a puerile extent and as a possibly calculated overkill, songwriter Lashua combines this in a song included with Hank Snow's 1963 album "Railroad Man". I've always gotten a thing about trains, so I bought the LP because of the cover. Omigosh, what a treasure ... I laughed my head off. Reasonable adults releasing such balony? The entire album is ridiculous, and this song is on top of the exulting shit I sometimes perform suitably lit up.
Am                               Am7           Am
it was early in the fall and a-blowing up a squall
           F                                  E
from the trestle you could hear the weirdest moans
        Am                          Am7            Am
with a mighty lonesome cry came a whistle from the sky
        F                              E
and it chilled the very marrow in my bones
        Am                         Am7           Am
then a loud rushing roar like you never heard before
             F                        G
turned the blood to icy water in my veins
      Dm                                  Bb
as I watched with rising fear something strange was drawing near
       A           E7           Am
and I saw in the clouds ghost trains

ghost trains  ghost trains  what a fearful sight
     F                               G                  C
The Cannonball and Number Nine were racing through the night
              Dm                         E7     Am
just as they passed me by I heard the engineer cry
          D               D7              G    G7
give her coal ! give her coal ! shovel it on !
           C                C7              F
you could see the fireman grinning in the engine that was winning
      E                  E7             Am
but I knew before the finish they'd be gone
A minor
A minor seventh
A major
F major
E major
E seventh
G major
G seventh
C major
C seventh
D major
D seventh
D minor
B flat
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