I've been chasing after Josie since the day I could run
even though I didn't know it at the time
and I followed her from Texas till she found me undone
just a jump ahead of what I left behind

she was proud of her young body as a body could be
on her way to be a woman of the world
and I still can see her smiling as she gave it to me
looking like a lonesome little girl

Josie : is it true that you've grown harder than your years?
selling them your sadness on the street
how much did you lose between the laughter and the tears?
getting back the bitter for the sweet

well she loved me back to living at a time I was lost
with the closest thing to love I've ever known
and she led me through some bridges I was burning to cross
then she went and burned some bridges of her own

now the road's a little colder every time that I leave
for another empty place I've never been
and I don't suppose it's likely that she's lookin' for me
but someday I may just chase her down again

                               kris kristofferson