Josie - chords, tab and comments

Opening track on Kristofferson's third album "Border Lord" (Monument 1972). The rest of the album is insignificant except for the presence of Billy Swan on bass and Charlie McCoy on harmonica. Can't see why they bothered to contribute.
C                                        F           C
I've been chasing after Josie since the day I could run
       F                             C
even though I didn't know it at the time
                                         F         C
and I followed her from Texas till she found me undone
        F                           C
just a jump ahead of what I left behind

F                                    C
Josie  is it true that you've grown harder than your years
G                  F                C
selling them your sadness on the street
F                                  C
how much did you lose between the laughter and the tears
G                 F               C
getting back the bitter for the sweet
C major
F major
G major
Kris Kristofferson