well now I've just come back from the city where I've never been before
I ain't got as much money as I had but you know I know a whole lot more
well I thought that when I left my home I was a man of some reknown
but in old New York I was on the walk
just an ordinary fool from a one horse town
... just another bluegrass boy

well now I got some postcards of the city that I thought I'd mail back home
just to tell all my people about it and just how far I had come
well I saw a box all painted red and I dropped my letters in
but the fire engines came from all around
and the doggone bells began to ring
... just another bluegrass boy

well now Jesus wits what they done to me has lingered on for years around
they poured their water all over me until I thought I'd nearly drowned
well I grabbed some fella and said to him "pull me out cause I can't swim!"
but the crowd all shouted "hey! just let him drown!
he's a doggone fool from a one horse town!"
... just another bluegrass boy

                                                     john herald