Just Another Bluegrass Boy - chords, tab and comments

John Herald's sharp and strong voice, excellent guitar playing and particular crafts in songwriting should have brought him further, but he was haunted by bad luck all throughout his career ... in fact, he ended up just like another bluegrass boy, and died almost in poverty by own hand in 2005, after 40 years of unfortunate record releases on various labels. But he was always good in concert ... a friend of him has written THIS memorial article, and other friends still maintain his homepage; click the icon at the bottom.

This song captured from "Woodstock Mountains: More Music From Mud Acres" (Rounder, 1977), one of the best albums I've ever heard. Woodstock Mountain Revue was a loose assosiation of folk/country singers, artists and songwriters from the area of Woodstock, New York. I recommand anything from that area :-D
A ... G ... E7 ... A ... G ... E7

               A   C#7  D              A               D     E7     A    E7
well now I've just come back from the city where I've never been before
         A  C#7      D          A           D             E7        A    A7
I ain't got as much money as I had but you know I know a whole lot more
        D                   C#7                 F#m             B7
well I thought that when I left my home I was a man of some reknown
but in old New York I was on the walk
         D7                    Cdim
just an ordinary fool from a one horse town
D              E7       A
just another bluegrass boy
A major
A seventh
G major
E seventh
D major
D seventh
F sharp minor
C sharp seventh
C diminuished
John Herald