don't know where I'll be tomorrow
ridin' on some northern railroad
left some setting suns behind me
there'll be many more before I'm through
rattler : take me home to my baby
one-way ticket bringin' me back to you

been away for such a long time
you've been on my mind the whole time
I've changed cities like an old coat
train a-rollin' : don't know where I am
friends I'll never meet again
memories drifting by like grains of sand

rattler movin' on down the line
dreams to carry me through the night
country lanes sweep by before me
friendly stars to light my way to you
rattler : take me home to my baby
one more town : journey's almost through

:/:bah bah bah bahbahbah
bah bah bah bahbahbah bah:/:

              bruce woodley