RATTLER - chords and comments

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From The Seekers' 6th studio album "Seekers Seen in Green" (1967), the last one with the fabulous four original members Athol Guy, Bruce Woodley, Keith Podger and Judith Durham. This is one of their few songs *not* featuring Judith, rather the composer Woodley. For this album, he wrote five songs; two of them respectively with Paul Simon and Tom Paxton.
G                     C     G    ...Am...G...D...G
don't know where I'll be tomorrow
G               C        G      ...Am...G...D...G
ridin' on some northern railroad
left some setting suns behind me
Am                                  G
there'll be many more before I'm through
rattler : take me home to my baby
Am                                  G
one-way ticket bringin' me back to you

G   Am  Bm   C
bah bah bah bahbahbah
G   Am  Bm   C         G
bah bah bah bahbahbah bah
G major
C major
D major
A minor
E minor
B minor
Bruce Woodley