I'm just a normal guy just born on trial
in the capitol of Norway '55
spent my first years trying to find out what is lying
behind the words "life is life"
I went through ground school and high school and several other courses
but couldn't stand riding on different horses
I couldn't make decide and the world was open wide
so I simply stepped inside and cut the whole world wide
sometimes I do regret but the schedule's been set
and anyway it's all to late
better take the best and leave all the rest
just leave it all up to fate

I searched my limited world for a limited girl
and certainly I found them too
I found them dark and blond and wonder where they're gone
but none of them ever got the clue
then I said "won't appreciate you calling me a nerd
but I still can take it if you give me the word"
that one woman stepped into my world and stayed
and so far she's still on my finger unbetrayed
through good and bad we had twelwe years going
most of them worth to remind
and each and every day coming clear to me now
her soul's kinda lingering there behind

I planned to spend my life with kids and wife
finally sorting out myself and going straight
I walked round tiptoed and tensed with an increasing selfdefence
but her kindness brought some balance to the weight
she was an obstinate girl • she could fight the whole world
but that fighting got too hard with just a broken sword
getting weaker every day she suffered silently
and at the age of fortytwo she passed away from me
I had no tears left to cry the day she took down and died
I lit a candle with her picture just to show
but my thoughts were swirling round and the walls came tumbling down
like the battle of the Jerico

so now I'm taking back to my old used to be
for better, for good or for worse
living day by day • no matter anyway
it just seems like an eternal curse
so if you want me to go where the red pepper grows
I've been there lately and I'm living quite close
and if you wish me a one way to hell
I've been straight throught it and I know it fairly well
but now the time has come for the final drum
I tried to round up this summary in a sum
but the words faded away so I've simply got to say:
I wish you all a happy new millenium