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New Years Eve 2000 I was babysitting my 5 year old goddaughter Dina, while mom and grandma earned a helluwa lotta money, both being nurses. I smelled trouble. I exhausted her by pulling the house upside down, then ignored all rules and buried the remains under a blanket on the sofa. Then relaxed next to her, on the other sofa ... with a notepad beside me. The first lines of this summary had started to come through. The pyrotechnics outside were paid no attention to ... the following day 2 houses in the neighbourhood appeared seriously damaged. But me and Dina survived, so did mom and grandma, and the house was brought back to normal before the bloody women could find out what really happened. The song was finished within a few weeks. A summary of 53 years takes that time, and I hope I'll be able to record it and leave you an MP3 or something even better before I die, or get crippled from this bloody rheumatism, forcing me to concentrate on vocals rather than playing. Damn, I love playing.
G            C     D7        G       Em
I'm just a normal guy just born on trial
         C          Bm     Am    D7          
in the capitol of Norway '55
           C           D7        G                C
spent my first years trying to find out what is lying
   G               D6  D7  G
behind the words "life is life"
                 C                D7               G              Em
I went through ground school and high school and several other courses
      C              D7         G        Em
but couldn't stand riding on different horses
   C              D7             Bm            Em
I couldn't make decide and the world was open wide
     Am               A7                D           D7
so I simply stepped inside and cut the whole world wide
            C    D7               G            Em
sometimes I do regret but the schedule's been set
      C        Bm       Am    D7
and anyway it's all to late
         C       D7        G            C
better take the best and leave all the rest
       G          D6 D   G
just leave it all up to fate
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C major
D major
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D sixth
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