a lonely spot I know where no man will go
where the shadows have all the room
I was ridin' free on that old SP
humming a southern tune
when a man came along made me hush my song
kicked me off away out there

as she pulled out of sight I turned to the right
the left and ev'rywhere
but all I could see was a cactus tree
and a prairie dog playin' there
I watched the prairie dog feed on the tumbleweed
that's his home away out there

so I threw down my load in the desert road
rested my weary legs too
I watched the sinkin' sun make the tall shadows run
out across that barren plain
then I hummed a tune to the risin' moon
he gets lonesome way out there

so I closed my eyes to the starlit skies
and lost myself in dreams
I dreamed the desert sand was a milk-and-honey land
then I awoke with a start
there's a train comin' back on the one-way track
goin' to take me away from here

as she was passin' by I caught her on the fly
climbed in an open door
then I turned around to that desert ground
saw the spot I would see no more
as I was ridin' away I heard the pale moon say
"Farewell pal : it sure gets lonesome here"

:/:Ee oo ee dle dee dee ho oo lay dee ee dee :/:

                                                     bob nolan