WAY OUT THERE - chords and comments

Robert Clarence Nobles aka Bob Nolan fronted the famous singing group "Sons of the Pioneers" from 1934 to -49, singing lead vocal, yodeling [ugh] and playing string bass. He composed the group's most famous songs, and I use the term "compose" by intension: he was not a simple songwriter; he combined elements from classic music and jazz with elegant lyrics, and promoted the "barren plain" better than anybody else. Born canadian, his family moved to the midwest, and the kid got stuck way out there. He never left. All his famous songs make you thirsty.

I picked up this from a Hank Snow LP in the sixties, starting practising guitar, because of the thrill. A couple of years after, I heard the original. Omigosh. Yodeling qualifies for severe punishment; syncron yodel sentencing to death. Way out there, only the prarie dog makes noice. Not humans.
A                              E
a lonely spot I know where no man will go
            E7                  A
where the shadows have all the room
       E       E7          A   F#m
I was ridin' free on that old SP
B          B7       E  ...E7
humming a southern tune
        A         A7           D       Bm
when a man came along made me hush my song
          A     E7       A
kicked me off away out there

D Ddim D                               A
Ee oo ee dle dee dee ho oo lay dee ee dee
E Edim E                    E7         A
Ee oo ee dle dee dee ho oo lay dee ee dee
A major
A seventh
E major
E seventh
B major
B seventh
B minor
F sharp minor
D diminuished
E diminuished
Bob Nolan