Give My Love to Rose - chords, tab and comments

This song is recorded with both Columbia Records (later CBS then Sony) and Sun Records. The same way. A melody line, very simple, as usual performed by Luther Perkins. A very simple vocal on top and Marshall Grant playing bass. This song is so straight forward "Cash-beat" or "boom-chicka-boom" as possible. Thus I include it in my collection. A note upon that style I've left HERE.
It was one of the first songs I was able to play ... in the mid-sixties, getting familiar with various kind of music, and for the first time in my life touched some strings by will. We had a violin, and I was enforced to play it, but refused. The instrument later showed up to be a Stradivarius Cremonensis, and got off my hand in a burglary. I hope it didn't end up with a barn fiddler.
I got comfortable with this song, and still play it quite often. I then give my love to not only Rose, but Johnny, Luther, Marshall ... and Samuel Phillips and Jack Clements at the Sun Memphis Studio; genuine founders of this rare country music style: let it sound just as is.
G                   D7                   G
I found him by the railroad track this morning
G                D7             G    G7
I could see that he was nearly dead
C                              G
I knelt down beside him and I listened
         Am                  A7          D7
just to hear the words the dying fellow said
               G              D7            G
he said "they let me out of prison out in Frisco
G                     D7                G   G7
for ten long years I paid for what I'd done
        C                         G
I was trying to get back to Louisiana
    D               D7             G   G7
to see my Rose and get to know my son

C                                      G
give my love to Rose please won't you mister?
D                 D7              G                 G7             
take her all my money * tell her buy some pretty clothes
C                                 G
tell my boy that daddy's so proud of him
     Am              D7              G
and don't forget to give my love to Rose
G major
G seventh
D seventh
C major
A seventh
A minor
Johnny Cash