Mean Eyed Cat - chords, tab and comments

Johnny left Sun Records for Columbia/CBS in July 1958, leaving several recordings behind. Sam Phillips and Sun discovered, eveloped and sold out promising artists - Elvis was captured by RCA already 1955. In 1969, Mercury Records purchased the Sun label from Phillips. Distribution rights were scattered with the wind. This song was included with an unknown number of worthless country albums featuring Johnny's good name to sell out bullshit. It was released as a single by Sun in 1960. I've never heard an alternate version. The original take is pure "boom-chicka-boom" with the vocal mixed background with echo, Luther Perkins picking a few strings in the right channel and Marshall Grant going boom-chicka-boom in the left. The song deserves better treatment. The fourth and last verse I like the best, though not included with the original recording. I love cats.
I gave my woman half my money at the general store
           D                                  A
I said now buy a little groceries and don't spend no more
but she gave ten dollars for a ten cent hat
                  D7          A              E7        A
and bought some store bought cat food for a mean eyed cat
        D                              D7                      A
when I give her ten more dollars for a one way ticket she was mad as she could be
        D       E7              A                     E7              A
then I bet ten more that if she ever left she'd come crawling back to me

This song fits perfect with Wide Open Road, another very early Sun Recording, with matching theme, beat and key.
The story behind the "boom-chicka-boom" style I've summed up HERE.
A major
A seventh
D major
D seventh
E seventh
Johnny Cash