Jesus Was a Carpenter - chords, tab and comments

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I don't believe in Jesus Christ as a saviour, and neigther do I think he's ever been here nor will return. But very often I wish it would come through. Johnny Cash had this belief, and a lot of his best songs are about it ... like this one. It is a common mistake, that he wrote this song. It is written by Christopher Wren, also the author of the 1971 biography "Winners Got Scars Too".
G            Em                C                      D7
Jesus was a carpenter and he worked with a saw and a hammer
         G                  Em          C               D7
and his hands could form a table true enough to stand forever
         G                   C               G               C
and he might have spun his life out in the coolness of the mornings
        G              C            G                  C
but he put aside his tools and he walked the burning highways
    G       Em         Am        Am7      D7sus4   D7
to build a house from folks like you and me
I performed this one in the funeral of my good buddy Section Foreman Hansen, who passed away only 56 years old after a pretty experienced, though too short life. I picked out this one, instead of my own tribute song, because I wasn't quite sure I could stand performing this in a church (besides, the lyrics were just a scratch ... I may use years to complete songs; now I had 3 single days). This choice I feel right, as we recently decided to go on stage again after several years, and "Jesus Was a Carpenter" was on the playlist ... as a final song. Børre was all throughout his life a believer.
G major
E minor
C major
D 7th
A minor
A minor 7th
D 7th suspend 4
Section Foreman Hansen
Johnny Cash